Net Promoter® System - NPS®


As Certified Net Promoter® Associate, we have the subject matter expertise in correctly guiding your organization to the path of building employee and customer loyalty through the world renowned Net Promoter System. Our general steps in guiding your organization would be to assess the touchpoints, design, get the buy in before implementing, validate and improve the system continuously.

We provide end-to-end solution to your NPS program right from conceptualization to getting results and improving them. Our preferred NPS solution is by CustomerGauge that is robust and user friendly cloud based application to manage customer experience at multiple touch-points.

Since it is critical for the whole organization to understand and ‘buy-in’ to NPS® for a successful implementation of NPS, we have designed training for various groups from senior management to front line employees detailing the concepts, best practices and processes which provides working knowledge to these group in effectively implementing NPS and build customer loyalty.

FoQual NPS web.pdf - Training Brochure
2 minutes guide to NPS (CustomerGauge)

Business Improvement thru’ Netpromoter® (Customer Satisfaction)

- Provide quick Customer Loyalty analysis to increase your (profitable) customer retention
- Identify your Happy customers (Promoters) and Angry customers (Detractors); and analyze the reasons for why they are Happy or Angry (research shows only 2% to 3% un-happy customers complain, while others leave you quietly)
- Enables you to prioritize actions for your most important (profitable) and un-happy customer
-Study and report provided within a short period at an affordable rate

Cinque Terre

customersat.pdf - Brochure

Employee Engagement (Employee Satisfaction)

Let us be your independent ‘listening post’ for your greatest asset - the employees. We would gather feedback from your employees through various means that is suitable, analyze them and present the results in a meaningful way that would facilitate your organization in developing plans to improve employee satisfaction leading to improved customer service.

Corporate Training

Customer Loyalty
-Net Promoter System
-Mapping Customer Journey
-Customer Service Excellence
- Designing Survey Questionnaires

Quality & Productivity
-Total Quality Management (TQM)
-ISO9000: Awareness, Internal Audit, Audit Assistance
-QC Tools/ QC Circles
-Root Cause Analysis
-Key Performance Indicators
-Balanced Scorecard
-Project Management Essentials

Safety & Environment
-Occupational Health & Corporate Wellness
-Managing Scheduled Wastes in the Industries
-Chemical Spillage & Discharge Response Procedures
-First Aid at Workplace - CPR

-Communicating Effectively
-Business Negotiation Skills
-Conflict Resolution
- Effective Presentation

Computer Training
-Microsoft Office
-BASIC programming
-Website Designing

Training Brochure :   foqualtraining.pdf

ISO 9000 Introduction and Internal Auditor

QC Tools, Kaizen, QC Circle, CEDAC

Six Sigma & Lean

Customer Service Excellence

Download training outline:
, KPI.pdf , BSC.pdf , 7 QC tools.pdf , ISO9000 internal auditor training.pdf , 2012 Dimension Data Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Report.pdf

Note: We are a PSMB registered training provider company (Reg No: 3163 -class C)

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