Why just ONE question?

The ONE Question!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A casual discussion between Fred Reichheld the Loyalty Guru and founder of NPS with Rob Markey the co author of Ultimate Question 2.0.

I find that this one question of ‘recommendation’ can do the magic in unraveling the latent insights of a customer on either the customer is a promoter, passive or a detractor. I have personally witnessed in my early days where we had customer loyalty index consist of some four or five questions which was meaningless to the company or its leaders and if anything, it only creates debate about how statistically reliable the metrics is which is a complete waste of time and resources with almost zero effort on driving action. Not a chance I would want to use such index to drive improvement anymore.  

Netpromoter is simple and straightforward! It simply shows the ratio of promoters vs. detractors. The higher the promoters, the better it is for your business as promoters help develop your business by continue to stay and buy more along with bringing others to your business. It’s that simple!

Satya Narayanan