The way to Greatness

The way to Greatness

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

In my previous blog, we explored the difference between Big and Great company and why the route from Greatness to Bigness is more sustainable in this consumer driven market.

From one of my previous blogs on bad profit, some had a question if any such companies really existed where their core values are based on “Golden Rule” - treat customers the way the company leaders want to be treated. 

There were a handful that I can think of companies that live by the “Golden Rule” and those are Apple, Southwest, Enterprise Rent a Car and Disney World. But whenever such question bumps up, I had difficulties finding new examples, until two days ago when a friend in Australia shared this article

Optus Australia, the number two mobile operator with a subscriber base of 9.5 millions (Wikipedia) have been exemplary in its quest to transform how it wants to care for its customers by eliminating bad profits. The new CEO, Kevin Russell found that in general telecom operators in Australia has not been living up to customers expectation for years and the service is deteriorating when compared to operators in US or Europe.

Optus is the best among the worst of the Australian telecom operators based on NPS®benchmark. However, Kevin is not at all proud to say that. He says Optus has lost its ways in the past three to four years in following the industry that has gone backward in how they treat the customers. 

He adds that Optus need to differentiate itself to do the right thing by the (Australian) consumers. He went on to say that they would beat Telstra by how they care for their customers and not by any large investment in infrastructures.  Interestingly, Telstra is also embarking in a similar direction where the CEO, David Thodey want to use NPS to beat its competition. 

I applaud Kevin (and David) for the transformational leadership in caring for customers need and looking forward to hear the company grow profitably and ethically. Sadly, not many companies take this challenge.

Satya Narayanan