About Us

Our name says it all... Focus on Quality Yes, we help our clients in developing their greatest asset - their employees; and build a profitable growth through engaged employees. Passionate and engaged employees love working for a company, go the extra mile to delight the customers. Delighted customers will come back for more, bring their friends and family and provide constructive feedback in improving the business.

This is more so because all product, be it the greatest innovation or standard services are coming to near commoditized! To the consumer eyes, it is no difference in opening an account in Bank A or B, fly on airlines X or Y, use the mobile phone service of operator C or D, dine from restaurant E or F, stay in hotel G or H and the list goes on. The only strategic differentiator for the future is nothing but Customer Service! Companies that invest in developing employees on their skills and knowledge in ultimately building customer loyalty would survive.

FoQual analyze customer experience at every touch points of a customer journey through various survey analytics and determine ‘moment of truth’ that has the highest impact on customer loyalty. Secondly, we help companies in developing action plans on improving the experience that leads to customer loyalty and profitable growth. To achieve this, we work with forward looking companies in developing their employees in building positive experience to customers.

We are a Customer Experience company dedicated in improving how companies view and improve customer experience at every touch points of a customer journey. FoQual is built with the key focus on Continuous Improvement. We believe with the right emphasis on improvement initiatives, an organization will be able to unleash its potential growth from within. One of the greatest potential are their employees and nurturing them on regularly feeling the pulse of the customers and continuously find ways to improve the way they work develops a positive working culture.

We are based out of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and bring a combined experience and knowledge of more than 30 years in the areas of Customer Experience in Asia Pacific. We provide training and consulting on:

Net Promoter® System (NPS®)
Business Improvement thru’ Netpromoter
(Customer Satisfaction Survey)
Employee Engagement
Corporate Training on Quality & Productivity

With these expertise, we are poised to correctly guide organizations through through this challenging times of consumer driven market.

Talk to us about how to transform your organization to be customer centric leading to sustainable and profitable growth! enquiries@foqual.com